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While selling luxury homes and condos in the city I love for the past 7 years, I have become an expert at the very service you require and deserve. It is my top priority to sell your home, or find you the perfect home in the time you require.

Wayne Lindsay Wayne Lindsay MBA Realtor@ Real Estate Agent, Signature Real Estate Group
10 Years Experience

With years of experience in the Las Vegas real estate market, I am an expert in educating buyers and sellers in many aspects of real estate transactions.

Custom Property Websites

We use todays most modern techniques in presenting your home to prospective buyers with custom, mobile device compatible websites.

Photography & Video

Our team of photographers and videograpers are at your disposal to make sure your home is captured by the best in the business.

Top-Notch Marketing Team

Our marketing team will use every available medium to ensure that your home is seen and sold. We provide real time analytics and results.


"Wayne Lindsay is a pleasant realtor to work with. He helped our family with a recent purchase of a house in Las Vegas. He was attentive, dependable, and responsible all through out the escrow process. All the communications were efficient and clear. Working with him made us feel at ease. We would recommend his service to our friends and family. Scott, purchaser. Nov, 2019 韦恩·林赛(Wayne Lindsay)是一位令人愉快的房地产经纪人。他最近在拉斯维加斯购买了一套房子,从而帮助了我们的家人。在整个托管过程中,他都很专心,可靠且负责。所有的沟通都是高效而清晰的。和他一起工作使我们感到放心。我们会向我们的朋友和家人推荐他的服务。 Wěi ēn·lín sài (Wayne Lindsay) shì yī wèi lìng rén yúkuài de fángdìchǎn jīngjì rén. Tā zuìjìn zài lā sī wéi jiā sī gòumǎile yī tào fángzi, cóng'ér bāngzhùle wǒmen de jiārén. Zài zhěnggè tuōguǎn guòc"

Scott & Cynthia Shern Las Vegas

"Wayne Lindsay was our realtor when we decided to start looking for a home in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We were very impressed with his extensive knowledge of both the area and the real estate market here. He was always providing helpful information that made us very comfortable in selecting the house and neighborhood that we chose. He also was very generous with his time and went out of his way to help us in this process. Moreover, he is very personable and someone that you will enjoy spending your time with. We heartily recommend Wayne Lindsay if you are looking for a home in the Las Vegas area. John and Kathy G."

John and Kathy Gilberston Las Vegas
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